What is the Divi Course?

The Divi Course is for you, whether you’re new to Divi, coming to it from another Theme, or even totally new to web design with WordPress. The Course, complete with beautiful ready to use full site layouts, will take you from zero to hero, install to launch, (and beyond!)  clearly and simply.

You’ll learn the top tricks, easily and step-by-step,  to building multiple beautiful and highly functional websites like these (even ecommerce stores) for yourself or clients with the Divi theme.  Save yourself time, money and stress whilst you build great sites, alongside your web design skillset and portfolio –  quickly and enjoyably!

See what the fuss is about..try out Divi for yourself!

What's Included in the Divi Course?

You’ll be able to choose from different versions of the course, – with or without E-Commerce and a number of beautiful bonus Divi Layouts. The E-Commerce version includes setting up a beautiful and powerful online store using Divi and WooCommerce Step by Step, Start to finish.You’ll also receive the exact layouts we use in the course, plus a number of other beautiful ready to go free bonus Divi layouts

Divi Standard Course 2 full site layouts

Covers ALL the best Divi features to get you going FAST, building an all-purpose beautiful business site start to finish.

Includes: 2 free original gorgeous full Divi multipage site layouts (including the one for the business site we build in the course, and one for a blog-focused site.

Plus: includes beautiful free stock photography and image optimisation tools and tips.
Plus: I’ll show you how to edit the included layouts, plus Divi’s own layouts and other layouts, to make multiple beautiful different sites based on them!
Plus: Tips & Tricks – 
learn top tips, secrets and tools that save your time, money (and even sanity!) from a professional web designer with over 20 years experience.

Divi PLUS E-Commerce Course  + 4 layouts (3 full site, + 1 landing page)


includes the Standard Course PLUS using Divi with WooCommerce Course to build a beautiful full online store. We’ll cover setting up payment gateways, simple and variable products, downloadable products, product images, shipping etc, PLUS 4 beautiful original layouts, inc. the store, 2 other full site layouts, plus a great landing page layout!

3) The Ultimate Version

Includes the Standard Course + WooCommerce Ecommerce Course + Social Media and Digital Marketing with Monarch, & Bloom Lead Capture plugins

 + 8 Full Divi original layouts (2 multipage full business type site + 2 E-commerce Sites, + 2 sales landing pages + 2 single site page layouts.

Complete with stunning site photos.


+ Ultimate Divi Styling with ‘just Cut and Paste’ CSS+  – Top effects for your Divi site to make it pop!

+ Marketing your site with beautiful branded Facebook Pages, Posts and Twitter pages

+ Secure your site fast! – WordPress SITE SECURITY Cheatsheet

Pre-Launch Discount

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This self-paced, step-by-step course, delivered in HD Video, developed by a professional Web Designer and Consultant with over 20 years experience, is designed to get you productive with Divi v3+ FAST, even if you’re a complete beginner!

We look forward to welcoming you on the Divi Course!


  • Divi 3.0 High Quality Video Course
  • Step-by-Step, Start-to-Finish guide to building your Divi site like a Pro
  • Suitable for Beginners
  • Video Tutorials for Most Popular Divi Modules with extra tips on styling
  • FREE Divi Child Theme
  • FREE Stunning royalty-free images included
  • Divi Plus e-commerce – using Divi with WooCommerce to build your online store
  • Digital Marketing, CSS, SEO
  • Hurry – Sign Up to Save 25% with pre-launch pricing!
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  • Divi 3.0 HD Video Course
  • Digital Marketing+SEO+CSS Styling+Bullet Proof Site Security Fast
  • Top Cut and Paste CSS tips for Divi, Style your site beautifully, even if you’ve never used CSS.
  • ‘Best Divi Modules CSS Cheat Sheet’ to make your site Pop!
  • Digital Marketing with Bloom + Monarch Plugins
  • SEO for Divi – optimising your site posts, pages and products with built in options and the best SEO plugins
  • SITE SECURITY! Ultimate fast WP security tips to bullet proof your site security and protect from hackers, malware, etc
  • Step-by-Step, Start-to-Finish Video guides to building your first sites like a Pro!
  • Printable Tip Sheets and Guides
  • Suitable for Beginners or Intermediate
  • Self-Paced, Easy to Follow
  • FREE Divi Child Theme
  • and much more!!
  • Hurry – Sign Up to Save 25% with pre-launch pricing!
Coming Soon! Get 25% off

Divi Tips & Tricks

Color Picker and Color Scheme Tools

If you've ever scratched your head wondering just how to create the right colour scheme for your site, or how to tone that particular shade of green with another more vibrant one, then here's a...
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Importing Divi Layouts

On this site and others, you have the opportunity to get some great pre-made layouts (designs) for your Divi site, either for specific pages or modules, or in some cases full site Layouts...
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Creating Shapes and Cutouts with CSS Clip Paths

Creating responsive image shapes for Divi with CSS Clip Paths You can create some great effects for your images, to use in for example the person module with CSS Clipping paths, which would...
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Fixing Divi Google Maps API issue

Fixing Divi Google Maps module API issues In this Divi Fix Tip we look at fixing API issues which may occur in the Divi Google Maps module and how to actually get and use a Google API key....
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CSS generator tools for Divi

CSS Tools If you're struggling with getting just the right look for some module of your Divi site, and feel you could achieve it if you could just add the right CSS - but are not confident to do...
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Free Divi Layout Website Wireframe Kits

Elegant Themes (the creators of the Divi theme for WordPress) have been kind enough to release a number of excellent Free Layout kits for Divi, in particular their 3 Wireframe Volumes are extremely...
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