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If you’re struggling with getting just the right look for some module of your Divi site, and feel you could achieve it if you could just add the right CSS – but are not confident to do that, then here are some tools to make your life immeasurably easier! (Fear not…they’re cut and paste)

These free CSS generators can help to you add a little extra style pizazz to your Divi site in no time! To give you an idea, we’ve created some nice radius (rounded corner), shadow and gradient effects with these tools on the text module shown here.


CSSMatic also has some nice tools to quickly generate CSS for shadows, gradients, radius (rounded corners) etc which can then be pasted into the custom CSS feature to add extra style to your Divi modules.

CSS Playground

CSS3 Playground is a great little site where you can play around with a multitude of CSS styles, including gradients, transforms etc (like on this text module). Just copy the code and add to your Divi Custom CSS, to snaz up a text or person module for example!

CSS Hero

CSS Hero with Divi

Another great CSS generator tool which can be used with Divi is CSS Hero. It has too many great features to mention here, but you can try out the live demo

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