If you’ve ever scratched your head wondering just how to create the right colour scheme for your site, or how to tone that particular shade of green with another more vibrant one, then here’s a couple of great tools to make life easier for you – and they’re fun to use too!

On Paletton.com, you can start with a base colour (enter it in HEX e.g. #006699 for a greeney blue) and then the schemer will generate the following schemes

Monochromatic, (1 colour),
Complementary, (2 Colour)
Triad (3 colour)
Tetrad (4 colour)

or you can choose one colour and just ‘free style’ from the interactive colour wheel.

You can easily save or share your color scheme for your next website or graphic project.


Colour Picker Tools

Of course if you just want to know what the Hex or RGB value is for a lovely (or ugly!) colour you’ve seen on a web page, then a colour picker tool can save you a ton of time.

ColorPick Eyedropper

I use this one, ColorPick Eyedropper every day (Chrome Browser Extension) and it’s free (always helpful!)

Just Color Picker

For a great little free color picker that’s cross-platform (Mac, PC) and doesn’t just work in the browser (it’s a small installable application so it can pick colours from anywhere, not just browser windows!) have a look at ‘Just Color Picker’

It also has a colour wheel generator built in. Just use ALT +X key to capture the colour your mouse is on (you can change that hotkey combination to one you prefer under ‘Options’ on the menu).

The author advises downloading it straight from their website (AmyStudio.com) to avoid any of the adware or bloatware that can come with versions hosted elsewhere.


Of course, having picked or generated your colours, you may well want to save them in Divi by updating the Default Colour Pallette to save yourself time entering these colours repeatedly as you design.

In your WordPress dashboard, just go to Divi>Theme Options> and on the first ‘General’ tab you’ll see the default color palette option as below. Click on any of the colours to open the color mixer and enter the Hex code for the colours you want, then save.

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