Bond: Divi Business Site Layout

Learn to build a site like this, Step by Step – with the Divi Course!

This responsive Divi Full Site layout is themed towards professional services like financial, accountancy insurance or stock brokers) but its also suitable for configuration for a whole number of different business services, including legal sites!

It features a crisp business design, gorgeous large images, some really nice custom Person layouts for the Team section, plus a Video footer section.

This full BOND site layout pack ( 5 pages including images) is also included FREE with all versions of the Divi Course 

Building fully functional sites like these is straightforward with Divi, once you understand good design principles, know which Divi modules to use to layout the site for maximum usability and understand how to integrate and configure the right plugins where required to extend site functionality.


These are the skills you’ll learn on the Divi course !

Want to build sites like these?

Your first step is to get Divi. Your second step is to take the course.

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