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You don’t have to be a professional web designer to build a huge variety of sites like these using Divi !


On this page you’ll get a flavour of some of the beautiful website designs you can build with Divi, and after taking the Divi course, you’ll have a fast-track on not just Divi, but on lots of related professional design tips and tricks, to help you build your own impressive sites, from the formal to the funky!

With the Divi Course, you don’t have to be an experienced web designer to build great sites for yourself, or clients – even e-commerce stores, just like the ones you see here.

These are just a small selection of the client sites I’ve built in the last few years with Divi, for my web design agency. There are business sites, charity sites, artists sites, hotel and restaurant sites, legal sites, medical sites, plumbing and heating sites, clothing sites, removals company sites, marketing agency sites and…well – you get the idea!

What all these different sites have in common is they have all been built with Divi.
With the Divi course, you’ll have the foundation to build your own great portfolio of sites!

In the Divi Course, I use 20+ years professional web design, and web project management experience, to help YOU learn to build beautiful, highly functional websites, quickly and well – whether you want to create and maintain a great website or online store for yourself, or design multiple sites, for paying clients.

BONUS FREE ORIGINAL DIVI LAYOUTS INCLUDED !  For each course, I’ve designed beautiful ready-to-use Divi site layouts, complete with gorgeous stock images, that you can simply ‘tweak’ to your site requirements, to get an amazing head start on your own projects!

I hope you can join me on the course and look forward to teaching you!  Just pop your name in the mailing list for an alert and discount code when we’re going live, and you’ll enjoy tips and bonuses in the meantime.


Cheers !


Tutor, Divi Course

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