What is the DIVI 3.0 Course?

The DIVI Themedivi2-screenshots course, is the first Divi 3.0 course and layout pack which will take you step by step through getting fantastic results FAST with the superb DIVI theme for WordPress from Elegant Themes.

This self-paced High Quality Video course takes all the guess work out of where to start with this outstanding Theme, so you can get straight into building your Divi website, and getting it right, first time!

From installation, and adding a Child Theme, through to adding exceptional E-Commerce with WooCommerce, we cover it all. Learn at your own pace, skip between the stand-alone modules that interest you most, or work your way through the course, for a thorough step-by-step understanding of Divi which will enable you to build (and yes, sell to clients!) an inexhaustible range of beautiful and unique sites.

From building a stunning blog, to a full e-commerce site, or a sales and marketing funnel, – you name it – when you’ve taken the Divi 3.0 Course, you’ll be able to build a beautiful, well coded, mobile responsive website or online store, without knowing a line of coding..the only limit is your imagination!


Who is the Divi Course for?

It’s for YOU!..

We’ve designed this course to be a perfect for total beginners through to intermediate level, STEP BY STEP, A-Z walkthrough of building beautiful, usable and highly functional websites with Divi, either for yourself, or for end clients- from Start to Finish, without having to know how to code in HTML/XHTML, CSS, JQuery/Javascript /PHP or any other language! (We will help you with lots of great ‘cut and paste’ CSS examples you can optionally use though!)

In fact, by the end of the site, you’ll have both followed along and one or more (depending on the Course Version you choose) fully featured, customised sites in Divi (one for a business and one for an E-Commerce Store )- and we’ll even provide you with the full Divi layouts and Child Theme, ready to use, and edit and re-use, again and again!

If you’re just starting out in Web Design, or if you’re coming to either WordPress or Divi from another CMS (such as Joomla/Drupal) and/or another Theme, then this course will be an excellent fit. 

We’re also including a number of optional (but recommended!) intermediate level modules, on topics like Securing your WordPress site, Advanced styling without knowing CSS, SEO and Digitial Marketing Tips and Tricks – so there’s something for everyone!

Even if you’re entirely new to web design, this course, developed presented by a web designer and developer with over 20 years experience and a thriving web design agency, will help you tremendously to not just follow along and point and click, but understand why you are doing what you are doing.

We will further look at important principles and factors to bear in mind, beyond just using the Divi theme, including

  • choosing the right hosting
  • securing your site
  • installing and using plugins to extend the functionality of your site
  • SEO principles and practices – and essential intro getting your site found

Whilst we will be giving you some great examples (ready to cut and paste!) of some additional CSS to illustrate ways that you can extend and customise Divi even more, we will not be teaching CSS per se (though we can recommend a more advanced course for that), because we appreciate that the Divi theme, and this course, is really beneficial to those who want to achieve great results, but are not confident in coding (having said that – Divi is a fantastic theme both for those who consider themselves more visual (as web designers) and those who consider themselves more ‘techie’ (web developers).

So even if you have never used a WordPress theme before, or are very new to WordPress, you will be able to follow along with the step by step videos, at a clear and comfortable pace.

How do I get the course?

Thanks for your enthusiasm! You’ll be able to get the full Divi course shortly – we’re updating and adding even MORE great resources and layouts, to ensure it will be the most useful, comprehensive, and yet EASY, and step by step course possible and covers all that’s great in Divi 3.0 (Whew..all that takes a little time, but we’re almost there!)

For pre-launch insider access: Just share your email and we’ll mail you when the course is ready (along with a terrific 25% off the course discount for being an enthusiastic early bird!) and other Divi updates whilst you’re waiting, including free layouts we’ll be adding up to launch 🙂


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